Mississippi History Now – Marcus Shook: A Mississippi Hero

Mississippi History Now has just published its newest article, “Marcus Shook: A Mississippi Hero,” which was written by Dr. Richard C. Lukas, a professor of history who taught European history at universities in Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Lukas is the author of eight books as well as articles, reviews, and commentaries.  Since his retirement, he has served as a freelance writer for a variety of publications. The lesson plan was written by Karla Smith, Social Studies Department Chair at the Jefferson Davis Campus of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

 For more than seventy-two years, the ten-man crew of a particular World War II United States Army Air Forces B-17 has held a special place in the hearts of the citizens of Lomianki, Poland.  The airmen named their Flying Fortress “I’ll Be Seeing You” after a popular Bing Crosby song.  Sgt. Marcus Shook, a young Mississippian affectionately dubbed “Shooky” by his crewmates, was a member of this heroic crew that participated in a unique and dangerous mission to drop desperately needed supplies over Warsaw, Poland, to the Poles who had launched an uprising in 1944 to recover their beloved city from the Germans.  

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