GRAMMY Museum of MS offers free K-6 field trips for history/social studies classes

The GRAMMY Museum of MS offers a wide range of educational opportunities for both teachers and students, specifically for social studies/ history educators. The museum offers “Exploring the Soul of the Movement,” which is a three-part exploration of history through music for K-6 grade students. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect:

  1. Introduction: A member of the GRAMMY Museum education team will come to your school and offer a lesson (30-45 minutes) on the discovery of historical moments (civil rights, 9/11, The Great Depression)  and the wonderful music created during those times.
  2. Education: Your students will have the opportunity to visit the GRAMMY Museum to reflect on their own musical experiences via songwriting and self-exploration, as well as to learn about the achievements and impact of other musicians and artists. The GRAMMY Museum will pay an average of $500 to cover the cost of travel to the museum, depending on the distance.  (Exploring the museum and receiving the second section of the workshop normally takes around two hours.)
  3. Implementation: You (the teacher) will receive a supply box with ready-made musical lessons, items for making instruments, and engaging games to continue assisting the students on their musical journey.

All of this is free, but more importantly, it is fun and engaging. Your students will learn about history and the art of allowing music to transport us back in time without the worry of travel expenses.

This program was extremely successful last year and so many teachers participated. Watch this video:

If you’re interested or have any questions, please contact Keangela Riley, Education and Outreach Manager, at (662) 441-0100 or cell at (662) 588-1483.