Free Cybersecurity Opportunity for High School Students

CyberStart America

CyberStart America is a free, immersive online learning resource for students in the US, acting as an onramp to a career in one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. All high school students in the US can gain free access to over 200 real-world cybersecurity challenges.

Complex cybersecurity concepts, from Python coding to networking to forensics, are made fun and accessible for all abilities through gamified and addictive challenges. No prior tech courses are needed; everything students need they learn in the game. And teachers need only encourage them; teachers don’t need any tech skills either. The novice level of the game encourages and guides students new to the field just as a skilled cybersecurity teacher would.

Students new to the field with a strong aptitude as well as students with existing interest in the field can use the platform to train and qualify for the National Cyber Scholarship program, allowing them to compete for life-changing college scholarship opportunities.