Alert Parents About New Mississippi Works Publication

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Greetings Superintendents, CTE Directors, and School Counselors:

By now your school should have received copies of the inaugural Mississippi Works publication. This new publication in partnership with the Mississippi State Government shines a spotlight on the career opportunities waiting for students in the skilled trades. The publication highlights careers in Mississippi and where to go for training as well as information for both students and parents to help make informed decisions about careers in our state.

 Copies of the magazine were provided for every 8th, 11th and 12th grade student. Inside each box of magazines, you will find a classroom activity guide (attached). The guide outlines three types of lesson plans designed to be flexible with different classroom needs. One activity guide will be included in each box of Mississippi Works magazines.

 I’d also encourage you to share the digital edition in your newsletter (or Facebook page) to parents upon distribution so that they can keep an eye out for it and start a conversation with their child about their plans after high school!

 Per the request of several administrators, we’d like to provide this template language and attachments/resources for you to use on your communication platforms (PeachJar, E-newsletter, Facebook page, etc.) to alert parents this new resource is available and to start a conversation with their child about their plans after high school! Also, for your convenience, attached is a .jpeg of the new cover to share in your Newsletter.

 Below is sample language, links and attachments for you to use. If you need additional material or assistance, please let me know. We’d be happy to help!

 “Attention Parents: This week in their classrooms, 11th and 12th grade students received a copy of Mississippi Works. This publication is a comprehensive resource guide full of information about careers in the manufacturing, energy, agriculture, transportation, construction, health care and information technology! It also includes lists of community colleges and training programs that are available here in the state. Please take a minute to check out the digital editions of these publications. Also, ask your child what they thought about this magazine. This is a great time to ask them what careers they think they might want to consider, what training those careers require and how to pay for that training.”

Thank you and we hope you enjoy this issue!

 Wendy Clemons
 Wendy Clemons, Executive Director
Office of Secondary Education and Professional Development

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Phone 601-359-2869