ACTION REQUIRED: District Restart and Recovery Plans

MDE Restart & Recovery Guidance & Summary – July 2020

Greetings Superintendents:

As districts continue to prepare for the upcoming school year, we know that many of you are planning with the Considerations for Reopening Mississippi Schools document, released in June. Please note that your District Restart and Recovery Plans, as approved by the local school board, are to be posted on district websites no later than July 31, 2020. We understand that districts will need to update these periodically as circumstances change.

While these plans are approved locally, the MDE is collecting some information to be reported at the state level. Please see the attached District Restart and Recovery Plan Guidance and Summary that includes some useful resources, as well as a number of questions for which we will collect information via an online survey later this month. The survey will be released for response in the coming days.

Additionally, the State Board of Education (SBE) is expected to take up a policy on Thursday, July 16, to address attendance reporting for the upcoming school year. This policy should provide districts the flexibility to provide instruction via the different approaches approved by the SBE in June.