Voice options now available for elementary students in MS who use PAPER on-demand tutoring

PAPER now provides even more assistance for students who prefer to learn by listening and/or speaking out loud.

Voice Notes — a new accessibility-minded offering from PAPER — allows both students and tutors alike to record and send audio messages during Live Help sessions.  This addition opens the door for students who would like to use Live Help but are more comfortable with auditory learning methods.

PAPER’S Voice Notes feature will be particularly helpful for students who are gaining proficiency in reading and writing. English Learners (ELs) may also find this new feature beneficial as they work with a tutor in their native language.

You are encouraged to print and share the flyer below with parents and students in your school.

MDE Voice Notes Pager-January 2023

For additional support in-person or virtually, please contact the Customer Success Manager (CSM) in your region.