Vaccination Fair @ Flint Creek Water Park

Watertown USA Vaccine Event Flier

We are hosting a vaccination fair at Watertown USA inside Flint Creek Water Park, Wiggins, MS on August 28th.  This event is in response to all the new covid outbreaks on the MS coast and in Stone County.  Our park is offering free admittance to the waterpark that day for all that will receive the vaccine that day.  This is an effort to bring attention to the importance of getting the vaccine and providing education for those “on the fence” of receiving it.

We would like to invite a member of your staff to be in attendance that day to help “encourage” those in attendance, especially those 12 years and over.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Please find attached fliers for the event.

 Thank you again.


Stewart Smith
Watertown USA Manager