Third Oxford High Student Earns Perfect ACT Score

OHS senior Brannan Kovachev scored a 36 on the national ACT test in September

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By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

Having one student achieve a perfect score on the ACT test is something any school district would be proud to announce. But having three students in the same class earning a perfect score gives the Oxford School District something to really celebrate.

On Monday, the OSD recognized senior Brannan Kovachev, who scored a 36 on the national ACT test in September.

He is the third student in the Class of 2019 to achieve a perfect score joining John Ligon and Gillian Meyers, who were both recognized in the spring semester. All three students are also National Merit Semifinalists.

Nationally, only 1 percent of students taking the ACT score a 36.

OHS principal Chandler Gray said it was an honor to be the one to recognize Kovachev during the OSD Board of Trustee’s monthly meeting.

“He’s just a great kid to be around and cares about doing things the right way,” Gray said of Kovachev.

Kovachev is ranked third in his class and has a 4.42 GPA.

At the end of the 2018 school year, OHS has 35 students testing college-ready in English, math, science and reading. The national average is 27 percent and the Mississippi state average is 12 percent. The average ACT score for all students was 22.3.

Superintendent Brian Harvey said the ACT test is given several times a year.

“As soon as we’re notified we have a student who scored a perfect score we try to recognize them right away,” he said Monday.