The Writing Revolution: Advancing Thinking Through Writing (Grades K-2)

The Advancing Thinking Through Writing K-2 course introduces Kindergarten through 2nd grade educators to the Hochman Method, an explicit set of sequenced strategies for teaching expository writing that can be integrated into any content. Educators will learn specific Writing Revolution strategies that build the vocabulary and language skills necessary for future success in writing. The Writing Revolution trainers will present age-appropriate examples and techniques for scaffolding and differentiation.

The course will be held remotely over a series of four mini-sessions over the course of two days. The course is conducted through a combination of direct instruction, modeling, and video demonstration. There are opportunities for participants to both practice and create activities, as well as receive feedback from The Writing Revolution trainers.

 *Please note: This training is intended for teacher/administrator teams. However, only one registration is needed for a teacher/administrator team. All teachers should register, and a separate link will be emailed to their administrator following registration completion, which will allow the administrator to attend the training with their teacher.

Administrators DO NOT need to register for this training on Go Sign Me Up.

Date Training Schedule

*Please note, all mini-sessions are mandatory for this training.

June 15 Mini-session 1 10am-12pm
Mini-session 2 1pm-3pm
June 16 Mini-session 3 10am-11:30am
Mini-session 4 1pm-2:30pm