State Board Action on 180-day School Year

In accordance with Miss. Code Ann. § 37-13-63(2) and as a part of the current state of emergency due to COVID-19, the State Board of Education voted today to waive up to 10 school days during the 2020-2021 school year for school districts that have delayed their established and published start dates. The decision to reduce the instructional calendar by up to 10 days is a district decision, not a requirement of impacted districts. This waiver applies to districts in the counties identified under Executive Order 1517 as well as districts that have independently delayed or plan to delay the established start of school for the 2020-2021 school year. In accordance with state law, this waiver of up to 10 days will not impact MAEP funds. This waiver does not allow districts to maintain their original established start date and reduce days later in the school year.

In order to document the delayed start and reduced days for audit purposes, districts will need to document in board minutes the original local board action establishing the instructional calendar as well as subsequent board action reflecting the calendar revision.

Districts will need to consult with their local board attorney regarding how educators fulfill contractual obligations.