See Something, Send Something App

The “See Something, Send Something” App was created as a dovetail with the “See Something, Say Something” national campaign that has been established by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. The “See Something, Say Something” campaign was put in place to encourage individuals to tell someone of authority if there is something that doesn’t seem legitimate.

Citizens witnessing suspicious activity have historically had two options, to do nothing or call 911. While 911 is appropriate if an immediate response is required, responsible citizens can be reluctant to call 911 to report suspicious activity.

Often people come forward after a tragic incident has occurred and state that they saw something related to the perpetrator beforehand but never said anything and thus the situation went unnoticed until it was too late. Encouraging people to be aware of their surroundings is a primary goal of homeland security.

Designed by the company My Mobile Witness, the free “See Something, Send Something” App allows a person with a smartphone to take a photo of something they feel is suspicious, add a small note as to why they are concerned, and have it delivered immediately to the MS Analysis and Information Center (MSAIC). This real time delivery of a tip to MSAIC allows an analyst to quickly investigate whether or not law enforcement should be notified and take action if needed.

Things to know about the app:

  1. It is free.
  2. All a person has to do is search for the “See Send” app in their app store and down load it.
  3. Information sent through the app goes directly to MSAIC, there is no intermediary.
  4. No information is saved on the phone, all information, once sent, is removed from device.
  5. The only information the person using the app must provide is their phone number, no other personal data.
  6. Other states using the app: Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Colorado, Virginia, Ohio, New York, Georgia, Alabama.

What the app looks like: