Schools asked to share Broadband Connectivity, Internet Speed Test surveys with families

The Broadband Expansion and Accessibility of Mississippi (BEAM) is asking schools to share two important surveys with families. Both surveys can be found on the BEAM Homepage: Welcome to the Mississippi Broadband Office! (

  1. Internet Speed Test: The “Test your Internet” survey will help BEAM develop accurate maps of internet availability to identify where help is needed most.
  2. Broadband Connectivity Survey: This brief survey asks families about their internet connection to help BEAM understand barriers to connecting families.

The results of these surveys will help BEAM target state and federal resources to ensure that all families in Mississippi have access to a reliable internet connection. Please share these links to the BEAM surveys with your families as the new school year begins.

In addition, please encourage your families to learn more about the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program that provides internet and laptop discounts to eligible recipients.