Resources available for teachers to celebrate April as National Poetry Month

The Mississippi Poetry Society (MPS) would like to offer resources for teachers to celebrate April, which is National Poetry Month, in their classrooms.

MPS chapters meet in locations around the state, with members covering the counties. Students might choose to visit a meeting and see what real, live poets do.

MPS members may be available to speak to your class on writing poetry and can help to judge a class poetry contest or slam.

MPS is in the process of creating videos about creating, reading, and enjoying poetry which you can use as you desire.

Let the Mississippi Poetry Society be a poetry resource for you in April and all year round. Visit the MPS website at and get in touch.

Educators who are interested in one or more of the above possibilities, please contact the MPS President, Janice Canerdy, at Tell her in your email what town/city you live in. She will get in touch with the MPS contact person nearest you and pass along your requests and/or questions. MPS will try to accommodate you.