Project Citizen Research Program

We are actively seeking Civics and social studies teachers in grades 5 – 12 to participate in a project funded by a research grant from the U.S. Department of Education to the Center for Civic Education and Georgetown University.   The research from this program will provide insights on (1) teaching and learning methods that contribute to civic knowledge, skills, and behavioral outcomes and (2) how to prepare students from diverse backgrounds for responsible and effective participation in school and civic life.

This summer 16 teachers in grades 5 – 12 participated in a Virtual Institute.  We are seeking teachers to serve in the Control Teacher portion of the research grant.  The first stipulation is that the teacher cannot have been trained in or implemented the Project Citizen program in their classrooms.  The second stipulation is that the teacher must teach a class from Grades 5 – 12 preferably in civics or social studies.  The requirements are for the teacher to take a pre-survey during the start of this school year and a post survey at the end of the course.  In addition, the students will take pre and post surveys.  It does not matter if the class is taught in person or virtually. All results will be kept confidential.  Those results will be compared with the results of the teachers and students who used the Project Citizen materials.

The Control teacher will be paid a $200 stipend upon completion of the requirements.  These teachers will also be offered the opportunity to participate in a future Project Citizen Institute where an additional stipend, classroom resource materials, and support from mentor teachers will be provided.

Anyone interested should contact Alan Stevens at