Prime Online Math Professional Development

Prime Online is a fully online professional development (PD) program for teachers who work in 4th grade inclusive classrooms, and will be offered from May through December 2022. Prime Online focuses on building teachers’ content knowledge for teaching mathematics, understanding of the learning needs of students with Mathematics Learning Disabilities and other struggling learners, and knowledge and skill in using both evidence-based practices in math and progress monitoring.

The PD is completely online, asynchronous, and delivered via Canvas while teachers work and apply their new knowledge in real time with their students. We are seeking up to 80 teachers who will be randomly assigned to either treatment or control groups. All teachers, regardless of assignment, will receive a stipend for participating and also will be able to keep video equipment, books, classroom materials, and in-service points for special education and elementary math education.

If interested or would like to discuss more details, please contact Dr. Cindy Griffin,