New math resource – Math Instructional Observation Protocol for Administrators – released

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) announces the release of the Mathematics Instructional Observation Protocol (MIOP) for Mississippi grades 3-12 public schools.

The MIOP is suggested guidance that provides key indicators and evidence of success that administrators should look for when conducting a “Learning Walk” or “Walk-Through”  of a mathematics classroom.  The MIOP briefly differentiates between the two and equips administrators with the skills they need to evaluate and improve mathematics instruction at the local level.

The MIOP was developed by the MDE, in conjunction with several state math coaches from Teaching Lab;  and is divided into the 5 Core Actions listed below.

  • Core Action 1: Instructional Shifts for Mathematics
  • Core Action 2: Instructional Delivery and Design
  • Core Action 3: Instructional Engagement
  • Core Action 4: Instructional Environment
  • Core Action 5: Instructional Groups

The first set of trainings on the MIOP will occur in Jackson on June 21 and have reached capacity.  Please know that additional virtual and in-person trainings will occur throughout the 2022-2023 school year and will be announced in the coming weeks.

For additional training information, contact Tommisha Johnson (

To access the MIOP, click the link above or visit the MDE Academic Education homepage or Mathematics  homepage.