New math keyboard feature added to PAPER on-demand tutoring platform

The Mississippi Department of Education is excited to announce the new math keyboard feature added to the tutoring platform offered through PAPER.

This keyboard allows students and tutors to input functions, operations, and other characters needed during free, on-demand math tutoring sessions.  Now it’s easy to write out formulas and equations in any Live Help math session.  There are five variations of the keyboard, for different needs.

Students in Mississippi can access the keyboard through the “√x” button on the left side of the chat bar.  From there, students can add in their formula, equation, or other math symbols as they work with their tutor.  A screenshot of the new keyboard features are included below.

New Math Keyboard Feature
New Math Keyboard Feature

For more information about how PAPER is supporting Mississippi schools through this partnership, visit the MDE + PAPER home page.