National Council on Teacher Quality Seeks Elementary Teacher Input

The National Council on Teacher Quality, a research and policy non-profit, is seeking elementary teachers who will speak to the importance of content knowledge– both in their own preparation to become a teacher and in day-to-day instruction in their current classrooms. Elevating these voices is a core part of a campaign to focus more attention on the importance of elementary teachers’ own content knowledge, particularly in science, history, geography and civics–so that they can in turn impart this knowledge to their own students.

Teachers need proper preparation in content knowledge. NCTQ is launching a campaign to persuade higher education institutions and preparation programs to prioritize teacher knowledge in their curricula. NCTQ would like to hear from you about your experience with the importance of content knowledge. NCTQ will be publishing selected quotes from teachers in our campaign material.  Please take a moment to share your story by completing this form by March 5.