National ABLE to SAVE Contest









The month of August has been deemed “National ABLE to Save Month”.  Thanks to the Mississippi Council on Development Disabilities, funding has been provided to award $100 to the first 20 qualified individuals opening an account.  Additionally, a $500 grand prize will be awarded to one lucky winner that opens a qualified account in the month of August.  

Mississippi ABLE is such a great program that assists Mississippians with disabilities in saving for the future, enjoying the benefits of tax free earnings, qualifying for deductions on state income tax for ABLE contributions, and not being in fear of losing public benefits if they save too much money.  Additionally, this program is great for a parent or grandparent with a child/grandchild with a disability as they are able to save for the child’s future and not be fearful of  the child/grandchild losing any public benefits; plus, the parent/grandparent could receive a tax deduction on their state income tax.   

To learn more about Mississippi ABLE, please visit