MDE Training Alert: Text Complexity

The Mississippi Department of Education is excited to announce an opportunity to receive professional development on the first key shift in the Mississippi College- and Career- Readiness Standards for English Language Arts. This training, including both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (remote) work will focus on Shift 1: Text Complexity. Participants will complete four hours of online work through Canvas followed by a 75-minute Zoom session to debrief on the new information learned. All three aspects of the text complexity triangle (quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and reader/task) will be covered fully, and educators will be equipped to make better complex text selections for their students. The schedule below will be utilized.

Date Work details Time
September 20- October 4 Complete Canvas Course


Approximately 4 hours
October 5 Attend Live Zoom Session 3:30-4:45

Participants will be able to earn .5 CEUs through a payment of $15.00 to the North Mississippi Education Consortium.

To register for one of these sessions, please select your grade band below. Please note that space is limited.

Shift 1: Text Complexity for K-2 Teachers

Shift I: Text Complexity for 3-5 Teachers

Shift I: Text Complexity for 6-12 Teachers