MDA Day in the Office of Child Nutrition and Healthy Schools

The MDE Office of Child Nutrition and Healthy Schools had a GREAT turn-out for “MDA Day” on May 22. This office had a total of 25 staff members to participate in this fundraiser. Although all 25 are not pictured, they did support the cause by purchasing a T-Shirt & bracelet. This fundraiser was particularly important to April Catchings because her 10-year-old nephew (Elijah) was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in December 2016.

Staff names from left to right are: (Row 1) Christell Hicks, Tammie Barnes, Donna Stubbs, April Catchings, Kenyetta Griffin; (Row 2) Louis King, Margaret White, Jessie Bennett, Chiquita Nichols, Alice Carson, Larry Calhoun, Erica Crisler, Bill Urban & Yolanda Bacon

*Supported but not pictured: Star Green, Gay Logan, Rodney Miller, Yashika Taylor, Dale Dieckman, Kegila Lyles, Latoya Robinson, Danielle Stephens, Jennifer Boler, Etta Sanderson & Gwenyth O’Quine.