Literacy lessons offered on MPB’s Classroom TV channel

The Mississippi Department of Education’s Literacy Department would like to thank the districts and teachers who took part in filming episodes for Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Classroom TV Channel during the 2021-2022 school year. The time, expertise, and effort contributed to reach students, teachers, and parents in Mississippi are appreciated.

Meridian Public School District
Superintendent: Dr. Amy Carter
Teachers and Episodes:

Julie Deen-CKLA Reading Comprehension #144: Jack Be Nimble; CKLA Reading Comprehension #145: Little Jack Horner; CKLA Reading Comprehension #146: Jack and JillCKLA Reading Comprehension #148: Garbage

Cabrie Jones-CKLA Reading Comprehension #147: Introducing Earth; CKLA Reading Comprehension #148: Garbage; CKLA Reading Comprehension #149:Natural Resources; CKLA Reading Comprehension #146: Jack and Jill

Cassandra Norman-CLKA Reading Comprehension #453 Third Grade Animals and Their Habitats; CLKA Reading Comprehension #454 Food Chains Part 1; CLKA Reading Comprehension #455 Food Chains Part 2

Forrest County School District
Superintendent: Brian Freeman
Teachers and Episodes:

Somer Dearman-CLKA Reading Comprehension #456 Balance of Nature; CLKA Reading Skill Strand #457 Words with /aw/ Spelled ‘au’, ‘aw’, ‘al’, ‘ough’, and ‘augh’; CLKA Reading Skill Strand #458 Responding to Reading: Food Chains

Columbus Municipal School District
Superintendent: Dr. Cherie Labat
Teachers and Episodes:

Raylene Pate-CKLA Reading Comprehension #150: Kindergarten Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; CKLA Reading Comprehension #151: Kindergarten Recycle, Recycle, Recycle; CKLA Reading Skill Strands #152:Alphabet; Letter Names; Four-Sound Words with Initial Consonant Clusters

Scott County School District
Superintendent: Dr. Tony McGee
Teachers and Episodes:

Kristina Thrash-Engaging with ELA #111: Analyzing Poetry with Vocabulary, Morphemes, and Syntax; Engaging with ELA #112: Analyzing Poetry and Determining Poetic Devices with Vocabulary, Morphemes, and Syntax