Houston High School Solar Car Race Team’s Sundancer Featured in Big-Screen IMAX Film Dream Big: Engineering Our World

(Floyd Ingram / Buy at photos.chicksasawjournal.com) The 2016 Houston Solar Car Team stands behind Sundancer at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth in preparation for this week's race to Minneapolis, Minn. The team is seeking to win its 15th National Solar Car Challenge in this year's 785 mile race through the Midwest.

The Houston High School Solar Car Race Team from Houston, Miss., traveled to Washington, D.C., recently for the premier of the IMAX film Dream Big: Engineering Our World. The team and its solar car Sundancer, a 16-foot-long vehicle engineered by the students, are featured in the film. Additionally, Sundancer was displayed at the Smithsonian Institute, showcasing the team’s innovation and accomplishments to the world.

“Houston High School’s solar car has shined a global spotlight on our young people’s ability to achieve excellence in STEM education across the state and country which is why the Mississippi Development Authority is a long-time supporter of this program,” said MDA Executive Director Glenn McCullough, Jr. “The Houston Solar Car Race Team is comprised of the innovators of tomorrow. We are proud of their achievements and honored to have them representing Houston and the state of Mississippi in this IMAX feature.”

In 2015, the team traveled to Australia to race Sundancer in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a 1,700-plus mile race highlighting the world’s most effective solar vehicles. While being operated by the race’s youngest competitors in its 30-year history, Sundancer is the first high school solar car to win the World Solar Challenge Adventure Class. During the race, Sundancer also set a World Solar Challenge record for most miles raced in a single day – 252 miles. The Dream Big team followed the Houston Solar Car Race Team to Australia to document its journey for the film.

“The harnessing of electrical energy is one of mankind’s greatest achievements,” said Keith Reese, Houston Solar Car Race Team founder and advisor. “Harnessing the sun’s energy is at the core of solar racing, which encourages students to bring new ideas and innovations in the field of technology, engineering and alternative energy.”

Dream Big: Engineering Our World is narrated by Jeff Bridges and directed by Greg MacGillivray. The film focuses on engineering as a part of daily life and honors remarkable engineering achievements, such as Sundancer.

For more information about Dream Big: Engineering Our World, visit www.dreambigfilm.com.