ERS Resources for Finance Leaders from the Broad Academy

I wanted to share with you some new resources in ERS’s toolkit on COVID-19 response to support your organization’s planning work for this fall:

  • COVID Comeback School Models: Six school models (building on our last session) that offer sample student groupings, schedules, staff roles, and system-wide implications. Each model incorporates a hybrid approach and/or a mix of approaches in-person, hybrid and remote approaches.
  • District Re-Entry Tradeoffs Calculator: A district-level tool to assess which configurations of re-entry models are feasible given your staffing and facilities constraints, and to identify key tradeoffs to achieve desired models. 
  • Decision Points for COVID Comeback Models (updated): A three-step process for district leaders to choose and adapt re-entry models and ensure a coherent approach to fall planning.

And was shared during our last convening:  For anyone interested in seeing Parent Surveys, see the bottom of this page: The Strategic Summer

We are working on scheduling our next finance convening, and will let you know as soon as that date gets finalized.  Thanks, and hope you are well!