Equitable Success through Virtual Chaos – Hanover Research


  • Innovative and Exemplary Virtual Internships and Job Shadowing Programs This research brief describes a range of virtual career exploration and development opportunities including career searches and videos, mentorship programs and events, job shadow days, and internships and projects.
  • Formative Learning in Virtual Environments This research study provides best practices for designing instruction that leverages formative assessment to improve student outcomes. The analysis includes instructional shifts for formative learning, providing high-quality feedback and how to translate virtual instructional strategies to facilitate formative learning.


  • Anti-Racism Discussion Guide – The guide outlines strategies to i) establish goals for an equity discussion and ii) ensure specific actions are taken after the meeting by school leaders and stakeholders to combat institutional racism and foster an equitable learning environment.
  • Virtual Professional Development – Hanover’s online professional learning platform was created for teachers by teachers to equip districts with virtual, sustained, and interactive development. Our current course material includes five priority areas – remote instruction, social-emotional learning, culturally-responsive teaching, instruction design, and multi-tiered systems of support. Click here to learn more.


  • Superintendents Leadership Council – Hanover will be reconvening the superintendents group for a live Q&A next month, on September 24 at 7pm Central Time for further discussion and knowledge sharing as district leaders continue their response to the health, social, and educational crises. Many thanks to WASA, ACSA, and MASA for co-hosting this event. Please click here to register.