Earn endorsement in Middle Level Math through CMSE Middle Math Institutes

The Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE) Middle Math Institutes offered to educators from fall 2022 through spring 2024 are designed to engage educators in dissecting, understanding, and making connections to the mathematics content taught in grades 6-8.

Participants will gain conceptual understanding of the mathematics across all domains taught in the middle grades, learn to make connections to students’ previously learned mathematics skills, and explore strategies to effectively engage students in the mathematics learning process.

The CMSE Middle Math Institutes were designed and proposed to the Mississippi Department of Education to serve as an alternative pathway to obtain a Middle Level Mathematics Endorsement (901). This pathway is available to any educator who holds a valid Mississippi teaching license regardless of current endorsements.

The CMSE will offer a series of four content specific institutes:

  • Number System, Ratios, & Proportions (In-person fall 2022 and online fall 2023)
  • Expressions, Equations, & Functions (In-person spring 2023 and online spring 2024)
  • Geometry (Online fall 2022 and in-person summer 2023)
  • Statistics & Probability (Online spring 2023 and in-person summer 2023)

This schedule allows for a participant to complete the endorsement requirements in less than 1 year.

Each institute is designed as a stand-alone course. Those who successfully complete all four content institutes will be eligible to apply for the supplemental endorsement in middle level mathematics (901). Whether you are interested in adding on the endorsement or just want to strengthen your own mathematical content knowledge, these institutes will be valuable learning opportunities for teachers across our state. Visit our website for more information: https://cmse.olemiss.edu/middlemathinstitute

Grade Band: 6-8

For more information, please contact the CMSE by calling (662) 915-6621 or emailing cmsepd@go.olemiss.edu.