Doctoral candidate in piano seeks participants for study

Joy Parker-Graves is seeking participants for a study related to her doctoral dissertation entitled, “Teaching Students Who Have Been Identified with Autism in the Private Piano Teaching Studio: An Application of General Music Resources and Interviews with Specialists in the Field.” Participation in this study would include receiving private piano instruction from Parker-Graves for a period of time.

The weekly lessons would be recorded, and Parker-Graves would obtain qualitative data from the research. She is seeking individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. This study will provide a valuable resource for piano teachers who are not comfortable teaching piano students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

A child’s participation in this study would allow him/her to have piano instruction free of charge for the period of time that lessons are given in relation to this study. This study has been approved by USM’s (The University of Southern Mississippi) IRB (Institutional Review Board).

The protocol number is 22-817. If you are interested in having your child participate, contact Joy Parker-Graves by email at or by phone at (571) 481-1109.