Districts can utilize PAPER Reading Calendars for special literacy activities in February

Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of reading with a month of Paper Reading. The Mississippi Department of Education announces a calendar of plug-n-play passages provided to participating districts through its partnership with Paper.

This month’s initiative brings a new reading adventure focused on students in grades 3-8 each day of the month, allowing teachers to seamlessly integrate engaging content into their lesson plans.

What can students and teachers expect?

  • Select from two grade-band Paper Reading calendars, featuring daily ready-to-use assignments throughout February.
  • Calendars include nonfiction and fiction readings, commemorating Black History Month and February holidays.
  • Passages include built-in assignments with vocabulary tasks, model reading, and reading comprehension questions.

What does the calendar look like?

  • The full calendar is available here with clickable links to assignments.

For districts that need additional support, please contact Paper directly via email at ms-support@paper.co!