Deadline is Dec. 8 for newcomers to the MS Hearing-Vision Project Free Online Modules

Mississippi Hearing-Vision Project (MHVP) offers free online Open Hands Open Access (OHOA) Modules. OHOA Modules provide evidence-based instructional strategies, information and resources for students with severe complexities, including vision and hearing impairments. Cohorts are open to families, educators, paraprofessionals, early childhood interventionists, administrators, and related service providers serving any age. (Refer to the flyer below for additional details.)

MS-FLVI WINTER2023.C3S7B(12,19,26)C4S6C(3,11,18)C5S3D(6,7,8)C6S1E(1,2,4wo)_1.4-2.21.23

New participants will begin their work on the prerequisite SET of modules Jan. 4 – Feb. 21. This particular set of modules yields 2.3 CEUs or 15 SEMI or 1 OSL.

NEWCOMERS to the Modules: Sign up by Dec. 8, to start Jan. 4, 2023 in: Cohort 6, Set 1E which includes

Mod. 1: Overview of Deafblindness & Instructional Strategies, Mod. 2:  Sensory Systems, Brain & Learning;

Mod. 4: Building Trusting Relationships & Positive Self-Image

Register by clicking on the following link: WIN2023 C6S1E M124 1.6.23-2.21.23

Returning participants may take any of the following sets of 3 Modules. Educator continuing education units are only available for the fully completed set of modules through S-RESA, and yield .7 CEUS or seven contact hours per module totaling at least 2.1 CEU for $15. Session begins Jan. 6 – Feb. 21, 2023. Sign up by midnight Dec. 18,  by using the links below:

 Cohort 3, Set 7B: Module 12:  Maximizing Vision and Hearing; Module 19:  Accessing the Curriculum & Environment; Module 26:  Touch for Connection & Communication:

Cohort 4, Set 6C: Module 3: The Role of the Intervener in the Educational Setting;  Module 11: Intervener Strategies; Module 18:  Team Collaboration & Family Partnerships:

Cohort 5, Set 3D: Module 6: Understanding Communication Principles; Module 7:  Emergent Communication; Module 8:  Progressing from Non-Symbolic to Symbolic:

For questions, email