Center for Children with Medical Complexity – Wellness Information

The Center for Children with Medical Complexity at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is asking school districts to share CCMC information to the families of children in Mississippi.

One CCMC’s priorities is encouraging wellness and annual check-ups with a local provider. CCMC has created a flyer with information regarding the importance of Early & Periodic Screening and Diagnosis & Treatment (EPSDT) check-ups annually, and produced a short educational video that is a brief explanation of why these are so important.

Please share the flyer EPSDT Information (Word) EPSDT Information(pdf). There are also videos that will stream from the Children’s of Mississippi YouTube site, as well as, the link to the Department of Medicaid’s EPSDT site that can be shared.

EPSDT Informational Video:

Mississippi Department of Medicaid EPSDT

For more information contact, Jenny Tisdale, RN Care Coordinator, at (601) 815-2986.