Brigance Screener III

Beginning August 2020, each local school district must administer the Comprehensive Early Learning Observational Assessment, Brigance Screener III to every public pre-kindergarten student. The Screener will be administered twice per year. Screening must be completed by October 1st and in May before school ends. Students that indicate areas of deficiency on the developmental screener should be provided targeted interventions to remediate the deficiency and progress monitoring should be documented by the classroom teacher. For further information, please reference the Early Learning Guidelines for Classrooms Serving Three- and Four- Year Old Children-  Guidelines for Assessment: Requirements for Assessment and Screening.

The administrator of each pre-kindergarten program for their district must complete the Brigance Training Webinar on our website. The online webinar will take approximately forty-five (45) minutes to complete and will include the following information: preparing to screen, administering and scoring a screener, interpreting screening results, identifying next steps, and an overview of the online management system. Upon completion of the webinar, administrators must complete the Assurances Form and email to

Make sure to note on the assurances if your district does not have access to a Brigance Screen III Kit for pre-kindergarten or the Brigance Online Management System (BOMS).   The Mississippi Department of Education will provide access to BOMS for all school districts and will review the results of the data submitted.  If you have any questions concerning this procedure, please email