Bankers and Teachers Bring Personal Finance to Mississippi Classrooms November 1 – 5







Program Fully Virtual 

The Mississippi Bankers Association (MBA) is pleased to announce the 11th Annual VIRTUAL “A Banker in Every Classroom” Week, November 2 – 6!  For ten years, the project has brought bankers and teachers together in local classrooms to educate over 150,000 students on matters of personal finance. The MBA provides age-appropriate materials – on savings, credit, budgeting, careers in banking and other topics. The important thing is that teachers and bankers work together to provide a meaningful and beneficial experience for local students. Bankers and teachers from all over Mississippi register with the MBA to participate. In the past, bankers visit classrooms in person, but this year, due to COVID-19, A Banker in Every Classroom will be presented VIRTUALLY! Bankers will provide Zoom lessons, pre-recorded video lessons and Facebook live lessons. To register, please click here. Visit for more details. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Davis at


Amanda Manning Markow
Communications Manager
Mississippi Bankers Association