Access from AT&T – Low Cost Broadband Program

In April of 2016, AT&T launched Access from AT&T, a low-cost option for wireline home internet service. The Access program is available to households located across the 21 states where AT&T offers wireline home internet service (including Mississippi) with at least 1 resident who participates in the U.S. Department of Agriculture Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

The internet has made a dramatic impact on Americans’ productivity and quality of life. Whether used to search for a job, stay in touch with friends and family or complete an online education, the internet powers connections that can change people’s lives. Despite these benefits, many homes with limited budgets may not have home internet access and could benefit from a more affordable option.

The purpose of this letter is to make sure you are aware this low-cost option continues to be available to eligible households in your state.  We would appreciate whatever assistance you can provide in making sure those families are informed about and can register for Access from AT&T.

For more information see the flyer with the pertinent details for your interest and use.  Full details of the program are available at