2020 New Bus Driver Certification

Final Memo to Transportation Directors 6.5.20

DPT District Transportation Information Form

DPT Participant Information Form

Please see the memorandum and attachments from Brian McGairty, Bureau Director of the Office of Safe and Orderly Schools. These documents were provided to all District Transportation Directors on Friday, June 5, 2020. The memorandum outlines the district’s responsibilities prior to and during the scheduled new bus driver certification process in your district.

As a reminder, federal law prohibits a MDE 3rd Party Examiner (Bus Driver Instructor) from providing training regarding inspection, skills test, road preparation, etc.; therefore, each participant must be properly trained by the district prior to the scheduled certification. The MDE bus driver instructor will conduct the classroom portion of the training, which includes, but is not limited to, the qualifications of a bus driver, the bus driver’s roles and responsibilities, state law and MDE pupil transportation policies and procedures, bus safety, etc. Under no circumstance can the bus driver instructor train on any portion of the pre-trip, basic control, road route and then be allowed to administer the 3rd party examination. 

We have an extremely high number of requests for new bus driver certifications this summer. We sincerely appreciate your District Transportation Director’s prompt attention to the matters outlined in the memorandum in an effort to expedite the new bus driver certification process in your district as we strive to meet the needs of all districts. 

Maintaining the health and safety of district staff, participants, and the bus driver instructors is our priority. The bus driver instructors are scheduled to begin the certification process in the districts for all new bus drivers beginning on June 15, 2020. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Brian McGairty at bmcgairty@mdek12.org or me.