16 WAPT announces the Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Awards Program

As a testament to the indomitable spirit of Mississippi’s educators and in tribute to a great leader, 16 WAPT News is proud to announce the launch of the Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Awards Program.

16 WAPT News strives to spotlight the outstanding individuals who are molding Mississippi’s future leaders, thinkers, and innovators. Starting this academic year, each month will see an exemplary educator being named a 16 WAPT Alyce Clarke Nominee, following a review of submissions sent in by the community to a panel of judges. Each monthly nominee will be duly profiled on 16 WAPT News. As the school year concludes, an Educator of the Year will be chosen from among these monthly winners.

“We believe in the power of education and the impact of those who lead our classrooms,” says Peter Keith, President and General Manager of 16 WAPT. “The Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Awards are our way of celebrating these heroes and ensuring that their dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.”

Eligibility criteria for the Alyce Clarke Award:

  1. Open to all educators from grades k-12 working within the 16 WAPT viewing region.
  2. Any resident of the 16 WAPT viewing area can nominate an educator.
  3. Self-nominations are not accepted.
  4. Nominations should reflect exceptional teaching methodologies, the educator’s influence on school culture, and active engagement within the community.

To put forward a nomination:

  1. Email your submission to AlyceClarkeAwards@WAPT.com.
  2. Outline the reasons behind the nomination and share personal experiences with the educator.
  3. Include the educator’s name, affiliated school, phone number, and the nominator’s name, email, and contact number.

The final decision rests with the panel of judges. 16 WAPT reserves the right to amend or conclude the program based on its sole discretion.

The 16 WAPT excellence in education awards program is honored to name Rep. Alyce Clarke, the first Black woman elected to the Mississippi Legislature, as its namesake. Clarke announced her retirement after 38 years of dedicated service, having been a beacon of strength and change in Jackson. She has left a legacy of tenacity, advocating for policies like the state lottery and always striving to represent the best interests of her constituents. From pioneering facilities for women at the state capitol to her heartfelt call for community service from her successors, Clarke remains a figure of inspiration for many.

The Alyce Clarke Excellence in Education Awards is one way of carrying her legacy forward and echoing her dedication to community upliftment.

Learn more at https://www.wapt.com/article/alyce-clarke-award-nominating-a-difference-maker/44967094.