Upslope Solutions: Employee Discipline In An Education Environment – Types Of Employee Discipline

Sept. 20, 2019​ at Insight Park in Oxford, MS, Credits available

Employee Discipline in an Education Environment

is a research-validated leadership staff development program for administrators and supervisors seeking to manage staff conduct and/or productivity concerns more proactively, effectively, and defensibly.  This three day workshop series equips participants with a comprehensive framework of best practices for transforming their daily supervisory activities into opportunities to more positively impact student achievement.

Day #1: Types of Employee Discipline

For principals and other supervisors, this workshop provides video-based re-enactments of actual cases that model how to better manage behavioral expectations using informal and formal actions.

For HR directors, this workshop introduces a rubric-based method for (1) evaluating aggravating and mitigating circumstances during investigations and (2) selecting responses that are fair, reasonable, and consistent across the school system.

For superintendents, this workshop explores methods for modifying employee misconduct and underscoring expected behaviors in the school system.

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