Transportation Grants for End of the Year Field Trips

Snowpocalypse left you with addition school days to plan for?

Schedule a FREE field trip to the Natchez Trace Parkway. Transportation Grants are available

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What transportation grants are offered?

Ticket to Ride and Every Kid in a Park transportation grants are funded by the National Park Foundation, which allows public schools to attend field trips to national parks at no cost to the school.

Ticket to Ride covers the cost of the school bus(es), the bus driver(s), and the substitute teacher(s).

Every Kid in a Park Transportation Grant provides $300 to 4th grade schools in Lee County, Mississippi and $500 to schools outside of Lee County who visit the Natchez Trace Parkway during the 2017-2018 school year. Schools can use the funding to offset costs associated with the field trip.

Who can take advantage of these grants?

All public schools are eligible for transportation grants. Ticket to Ride is available to all grade levels.

Every Kid in a Park Transportation Grant is only available to 4th grade public school students.