Toyota Teen Safe Driving Program

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Dear Mississippi Superintendents,

 Traffic crashes are the #1 Killer of American teens. With National Teen Driver Safety Week coming up October 17-23, 2021, Toyota is providing access to a turnkey teen safe driving program.

 Your district has an opportunity to greatly impact your communities with a FREE, life-saving, award-winning program. Schools need to register now to hold a spot for the coming school year. (All links are below) BONUS PERK: Each school is entered to win one of 25 $1,000 cash prizes once the program is completed. 

The Program: In One Instant

(IOI) is an award-winning, peer-driven teen safe driving program that teaches teens how to stay safe behind the wheel and influence their friends and family to do the same. The program makes distracted, reckless, and impaired driving personal and relevant through a dynamic film and interactive follow-up activities from which to choose. It’s all about their Power of Choice.  

 In One Instant is a national nonprofit. The program has already been successfully implemented in more than 3,000 high schools across the U.S., with consistently strong feedback from both students and schools.  

 The video-based program was developed by teens-for teens together with a panel of experts in adolescent development, health and safety, and education. 

 It can be customized to implement in as little as one class session – and has been adapted for both in-person OR virtual use, with a group large or small. 

 It comes with great support materials for educators and student leaders.  


Easily and quickly register

-Here’s a 1-minute video clip from a student and administrator who have experienced the program

-Here’s an easy-to-scroll-through deck we share with student leaders. It provides quick and easy info on the program – including its impact on changing student behaviors


 In One Instant (IOI) is an award-winning teen safe driving program that combats the #1 cause of teen fatalities – car crashes. The video-based, interactive program empowers teens to make safe choices and influence their classmates, friends, and family to do the same.

 The entire program takes approximate 55 minutes + 30 minute prep time.

30 minutes: Prep and planning

Includes signing up, choosing date(s) and time, inviting other participants, coordinating with Student Leaders/other educators.

53 minutes: Complete Program

Video program, 33 minutes. Follow-up activities, 20 min-or expanded to more sessions as time allows.

3 minutes: Pre & Post Surveys for Students

 IOI is flexible and turnkey. It has compelling video content, relatable storytelling, immersive games and activities, real-life survivor testimonials, and follow-up activities that help students apply what they’ve seen to their own lives. Includes comprehensive toolkits/materials for educators, students, and parents along with community service opportunities. You choose what to include.

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