Talent Pool Recommendation

Dear Superintendents and Principals,

The State of Mississippi maintains a file of emerging classroom leaders that consists of a cadre of distinguished teachers and principals.  These educators may be considered for membership on advisory boards and task forces as well as candidates for special recognition programs.  Your recommendations will identify educators who will be of great value to your community and state and who may also ultimately receive recognition for their contributions and achievements.

Please consider submitting recommendation for a relatively new educator who has distinguished him/herself above and beyond established top-quality professionals in many of our schools.  Please provide CONFIDENTIAL, succinct, and specific information for a candidate on the enclosed form.  All questions must be answered, preferably typewritten.  Please include a one-page narrative with this form that addresses how the candidate meets the criteria mentioned in this letter, and also include a resume from their personnel file.  We ask that you keep this recommendation confidential and do not share it with the individual or collaborate with a colleague to complete.  Completed information must be sent by June 8, 2018 to:

Sandra Hilliard, Education Specialist
Office of Teaching and Leading
P.O. Box 771
Jackson, MS  39205


Cory M. Murphy, Ph.D., Executive Director
Office of Teaching and Leading

P.O. Box 771 | Jackson, MS | 39205-0771
Tel (601) 359-3483 Fax (601) 359-2778