Summer Middle School Literacy Training for Content Area Teachers, Coaches is June 13-17

The goal of the Sustaining Strong Readers: Summer Middle School Literacy Training for Content Area Teachers and Coaches professional development set for June 13-17 at the Jackson State University R & D Center in Jackson is to support foundational and adolescent Science of Reading practices through daily instructional methodology.  The training will support teachers in creating readers across content areas while teaching grade level content.

During this training, teachers and administrators will develop an understanding of the following:

  • Structured literacy and the complexities of adolescent literacy
  • Phonology/phonemic proficiency instruction using a multimodal approach
  • Language comprehension concepts such as morphological awareness, syntactic awareness, and lexicon expansion
  • Middle school instructional routine
  • Strategic leadership strategies to build adolescent literacy proficiency across a district

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For questions, contact the Assistant State Literacy Coordinator, Kelli Crain at