Science Field Trips-Mississippi Children’s Museum (MCM)

In partnership with the MS Science Festival, the Mississippi Children’s Museum (MCM) invites you to attend a special STEM themed Field Trip Friday! On Friday, September 20, MCM will host a day dedicated to promoting STEM subjects and increasing science literacy for our field trip guests. On this special day, your students will be some of the select few who have the opportunity to spend their field trip time interacting with nationally renowned STEM professionals and engaging in unique, hands on activities that align and connect directly to the science and math content taught in your classroom. Students on this Field Trip Friday will get an exclusive sneak preview into the exciting guests, experiments, exhibits and lessons brought into Jackson for Saturday’s MS Science Festival! Visit our field trip page for information on how to book today,   

For more information contact:

Sheri Bradford, M. Ed.
Assistant Director of Enrichment
Mississippi Children’s Museum
  P: 601.709.8350