Rhyming helps pre-K students learn while having fun

Summer of learning

For the state’s youngest students, the Mississippi Department of Education’s Summer of Learning website and Mississippi Public Broadcasting have great resources for pre-K students. To start your student’s summer of learning, visit https://mdek12.org/LearningAtHome.

For this activity, come up with some rhyming words such as cat, hat, bat and sat.


  • Say a word that has a rhyme (such as cat, which rhymes with hat).
  • Ask your child to fill in the rhyming word for your word. Example: I say cat. You say _____. You child fills in hat.
  • Continue for as long as this game is enjoyed by you and your child.
  • You may accept nonsense words from your child that rhyme with your words.


  • Cox Campus: Activities designed to help your student develop pre-reading skills while having fun. (PreK)
  • MPB Classroom TV: Watch pre-recorded lessons taught by certified teachers in various content areas. (PreK – 12th)
  • Strong Readers: A collection of activities to help Pre-K students to become strong readers and strong leaders. (PreK – 5th)