Review important dates leading up to MECCA System launch, get details on what to expect in MECCA

The Mississippi Department of Education is about one month away from launching the Mississippi Educator Career Continuum Archive (MECCA).

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday, Dec. 26: LAST DAY to submit any new recommendations or applications to the current ELMS system

Monday, Jan. 2, 2023: ELMS will no longer be available.

Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2023: MECCA launches to all users.

What to Expect in MECCA…

Obtaining or renewing your license is streamlined in the new Mississippi Educator Preparation, Licensure, and Misconduct portal

The change to MECCA is a positive one, but it is a change.  You may be wondering how this new system will affect you.  Here are some answers to the questions you may have:

Question: My license is up for renewal. How will I make sure it gets updated in time?

Answer: Once MECCA launches, your CEUS will be pre-approved.  Any that are currently in your ELMS account will be carried forward and you will receive a notification for the system once you are able to apply for renewal. The system has built in a review and approval process that will allow your license application to be renewed automatically provided requirements have been met.

Question: As an educator, will I have to set up a new username or password in MECCA?

Answer: Yes.  MDE is working to improve the ways it allows Mississippi Educators and Administrators access to statewide resources.  MECCA is the first implementation of this approach.  As an educator, you can use your personal e-mail address and/or an account with Google, Facebook or Amazon to log into MECCA.  Once logged in, you will search for your ELMS account information with a combination of birth date, social security number OR educator ID to connect the new login method to your ELMS account information.

Question: Where can I find my MS Educator ID?

Answer:  Your MS Educator ID is located on your licensure certificate or you may also use the public search feature in ELMS to obtain this information until Jan. 2, 2023.

Question: What will happen to the documents I previously uploaded to my ELMS account?

Answer: MDE has worked carefully to ensure all data in ELMS is transferred to MECCA. Any documents currently visible within your ELMS account will still be available upon accessing your MECCA account. This includes any documentation you have provided for applications, Continuing Education Units, degrees, transcripts, etc.

Question: What will my new account look like? Will my profile still have all my information?

Answer: Yes. All components of your ELMS account will be transferred to MECCA. This will include your demographic data, current and historical license data, application data, degrees, transcripts, documents, Continuing Education Units, SEMI Credits (if applicable), test scores, and any other information from your ELMS account.

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