Recorded Webinar: High-Quality Instructional Materials Application Process

Greetings Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, Textbook Coordinators, Special Education Directors, Federal Programs Directors, and Principals:

In Fall of 2017, the Mississippi Department of Education, through the Academic Education Office, launched the High-Quality Instructional Materials and Professional Learning (HQIM-PL) initiative.

The overall result of this initiative will be a strengthened review and selection process for textbooks and instructional materials for all schools in Mississippi. As a part of this pilot, the MDE is seeking districts that are interested in proactive participation, through the training of teachers for materials review, through the adoption of HQIM, and through participation in professional learning aligned to selected HQIM.

Interested districts can complete the attached application and submit it via email to The application deadline is June 13, 2018.

A recorded webinar explaining the application and pilot district requirements is now available at

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