REACH MS -Significant Disabilities Community of Practice

Significant Disabilities Community of Practice 

Join us for our 4th Significant Disabilities Community of Practice online meeting of the 2019-2020 school year! The CoP meeting will be recorded, but your live presence and active participation will allow you to get feedback on classroom practices specific to you.

Meeting: Wednesday, December 18th @ 4:00

TopicShould I be in a Self-Contained Classroom? What Will I Learn in There?

In this CoP, we will discuss ways each district can make decisions regarding the best placement of students to ensure each student is able to reach his or her potential. We will touch on curriculum, specifically the differences in curriculum for students in a self-contained classroom versus those in general education and how to communicate this difference to families.

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For questions concerning Significant Disabilities CoP meetings, please email Brittany Herrington at