REACH MS Early Childhood PBIS Tier 2 Training


Early Childhood PBIS Tier 2 Training

Join us for our Early Childhood PBIS Tier 2: Social Emotional Teaching training!

Logistics: Tuesday, February 18, in Hattiesburg

Training Description: This one day training provides participants with information on positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) for pre-k classrooms and programs using the Pyramid Model as the foundation for the training. The session begins with the importance of teaching social emotional skills and then details the stages of learning in efforts to help participants understand that just like any other skill, social emotional skills must be intentionally taught. Those social emotional skills that should be taught and where the majority of the session content is spent are friendship skills, emotions, and problem-solving skills. Information will also be provided on individualizing these skills for children who need extra assistance. The session ends with information on collaborating with families. Attendees will review case studies and participate in hands-on activities to “practice” learned content. Opportunities will be provided to reflect on one’s own practices. It is helpful, but not required, that participants attend Early Childhood Tier 1 before attending this training.

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Brittany Herrington, Ph.D.
Early Learning and SCD Specialist
School of Education
The University of Southern Mississippi