Opportunity: JumpStart ACT Complete Math Review

MDE Proposed Application 7_30_18

JTP email flyer for MDE 7_30_18

Greetings Superintendents, Curriculum Coordinators, Special Education Directors, Federal Programs Directors, Principals, and Secondary Counselors:

The Mississippi Department of Education, through the Office of Secondary Education, is pleased to announce that the Mississippi Legislature has appropriated $100,000 for Jumpstart ACT’s Complete Math Review course to help prepare 1,695 Mississippi 11th grade public school students prior to mandatory ACT testing in February 2019.

During the 2017-2018 school year, the Jumpstart ACT Complete Math Review program was implemented by several school districts and high schools around the state, and field studies were conducted to gauge student math improvement using ACT pretest or prior ACT results.  These studies indicated most students demonstrate ACT math composite sub-score improvement after completing the review course, with the average improvement for groups ranging from 1 to 3 points.

Jumpstart ACT’s complete math prep was developed by Mississippi’s 19-year STAR teacher, and STAR teacher hall-of-fame inductee, Dot McClendon, and leverages her 40 years of experience helping students perform their best on the ACT exam.  The program provides the following resources for students and teachers:

  • Expert content review and practice, along with test taking tips and strategies delivered in the classroom via streaming video
  • Online, on-demand, 13-hour review (20 modules, approximately 35 minutes each) of math content tested by the ACT that can be led from the classroom or used individually by students through May 2019
  • Consumable student workbooks (337 pages) to be completed as lecture content is watched and later used as a student study guide
  • Administrator dashboard reflecting the video module completion progress of teachers assigned to proctor the review and/or individual student progress
  • On-demand support

The goal of the 2018-2019 Mississippi legislative pilot is to help selected high schools improve ACT composite math sub-score averages and gain feedback and improvement results from schools awarded the review course pilot.

All high schools interested in applying for the legislative pilot of the Jumpstart ACT Complete Math Review for the 2018-2019 school year must complete the attached application and return it to Sha Walker of Jumpstart ACT at sha@jumpstartact.com by 8:00 a.m. on Friday, August 17, 2018.   Please note that appropriated funds will cover all costs for 1,695 students and will be awarded to selected high schools that agree to pilot this program with all enrolled juniors immediately prior to ACT state testing as prescribed.  Jumpstart ACT will provide free student workbook delivery with school faculty orientation and training meeting.  A cross section of schools will be selected to ensure representation across several demographics (i.e. geographic, gender, school rating, ethnic make-up, free/reduced lunch indicators, etc.).

 Jumpstart ACT will meet to discuss their program and improvement data with any interested district or school, regardless of their selection for this pilot.  For more information regarding the Jumpstart ACT review program, please visit www.jumpstartact.com or email them directly at info@jumpstartact.com.


Nathan Oakley, Ph.D., Chief Academic Officer

P.O. Box 771 | Jackson, MS | 39205-0771