New Group Rates for Online Workshops at Harvard GSE

Here at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, we are seeing an increased interest in high quality online professional development as district and school leaders continue looking for ways to keep their faculty connected and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response, we have added additional runs of our online workshops this summer and now provide group pricing for any cohorts of 10 or more. Asynchronous and facilitated, these workshops are 2-3 weeks in length and cover a wide range of topics, including Learning through Discussion and Disagreement, Improving Math Instruction Through Feedback, The Opportunity of Bilingualism, and Ensuring Success for All: Tools and Practices for Inclusive Schools.

  Individual Cohort of
10 to 29
Cohort of
30 or more
2-week online workshops $149/person $129/person $99/person
3-week online workshops $199/person $169/person $149/person

Participating in an online workshop together as a group will help your educators develop a shared understanding of important topics, strategies, and frameworks. It also allows them to support one another during and after the program and to create a more coherent and significant impact as they apply the learning to your local context.

The next set of offerings begins on June 22. Explore our upcoming online workshops: To register your group, please have a designated Team Coordinator begin a registration for the workshop of choice, where there will be further instructions.