New COVID-19 Testing Resources for K-12 Schools

Chiefs for Change released a suite of tools and resources that districts of any size can use to implement routine, widespread Covid-19 testing programs based on the leading work of our CFC members. These resources include a project planning workbook, related tabletop exercises, a document with answers to frequently asked questions, and “Day in the Life Of” simulations that can help systems determine how a testing program would fit into a typical day for students and staff. The materials can help districts design a testing program by outlining recommended roles and responsibilities and by guiding leaders as they consider key questions, such as how often to test students and staff; where and how to set up testing facilities; how to obtain consent for testing; and how to manage inventory, collect samples, communicate test results, track testing data, and dispose of personal protective equipment, among other steps.

Additionally, we were pleased to partner with The Rockefeller Foundation, Testing for America, and Skoll Foundation on Covid-19 Testing in K-12 Settings: A Playbook for Educators and Leaders. The playbook, also released this week, builds off recent research funded by The Rockefeller Foundation, which found that when added to mask wearing and social distancing, weekly testing of all students, teachers, and staff can reduce in-school infections by an estimated 50 percent.

These materials are intended to help ensure state and district leaders are provided the tools needed to safely reopen schools and promote students’ academic achievement and wellbeing during the pandemic and beyond. Please let us know if you are interested in receiving support to operationalize testing, problem solve or remove obstacles related to testing.