Mississippi Chapter
Wildlife Conservation Education Workshop
for Classroom Teachers of Grades 3-6
September 24, October 1 and October 8, 2018

Workshop organized by the National Wild Turkey Federation Mississippi Chapter in partnership with the Jasper County Center (Jones County Junior College), Tallahala Wildlife Management Area (Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks), and Marathon Recreation Area (United States Forest Service).

Mission Statement
This workshop will equip classroom teachers with knowledge and classroom resources they need to better teach their students according the Mississippi College and Career Standards for Science and English Language Arts.

Who: Various natural resource professionals and literary and folk artists
What: Classroom and field-based experiences about wildlife conservation
When: September 24, October 1 and October 8, 2018 (see attached agenda for times)
Where: Jasper County Center in Bay Springs, MS
Why: NO registration fee, FREE CEUs (1.9) documented by Jones County Junior College and paid for by the NWTFMC, FREE classroom resources

How: submit your *information to  by August 24, 2018
(Enrollment limited to 25 applicants.)
*Please include your name, school district, school, grade and subject(s) taught, statement of your interest in this workshop. A listing of selected applicants will be posted on August 28, 2018.
Workshop Coordinator: James Bryant, Elected Member, Board of Directors Mississippi Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation

Please see attached agenda for further information.

NWTFMC Wildlife Conservation Education Workshop
for Classroom Teachers Grades 3-6
September 24, October 1 and October 8, 2018
In partnership with the Jasper County Center (Jones County Junior College), Tallahala Wildlife Management Area (Mississippi Department Wildlife Fisheries Parks), and Marathon Recreation Area (United States Forest Service)

“The NWTF, Educators, and other Conservation Partners Working Together for the Conservation of the Wild Turkey and other Wildlife in Mississippi”

September 24, 2018
Time   Activity/Classroom Topics     Presenter(s)
8:00-8:30  Sign in/Registration       Bryant
8:30-8:40  Welcome        Bryant
8:40-8:50  My World of Wildlife: The Last Sixty Years     Bryant
8:50-9:05  The NWTF: Organization and Mission     NWTF
9:05-9:15  Return of the Wild Turkey       Bryant
9:15-9:30  Teacher’s Handbook       Bryant
9:30-9:50  Walter Anderson: Lover of Nature      Bryant
9:50-10:10 Walter Anderson: Say It in Writing      Bryant
10:10-10:25    BREAK
10:25-10:40 Forest Plants of the Southeast and Their Wildlife Uses    Bryant
10:40-10:55 White-tailed Deer Nutrition and Antlerogenesis    Bryant
10:55-11:25 Introduction to Forest Management      Bryant
11:25-11:40 Featured Species Concept of Wildlife Management    Bryant
11:40-12:40    LUNCH (on your own)
12:40-12:55 Deer Hunt for Kids with Disabilities     Bryant
12:55-1:40 NWTF JAKES Programs and Education Materials    Bryant
1:40-2:10  Present Day Conservation Issues (non-turkey specific)    Bryant
2:10-2:25  Wildlife Conservation Associations      Staff
2:25-3:05  Endangered Species: Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge USFWS
3:05-3:20     BREAK
3:20-3:30  Wild Turkey Art        Bryant
3:30-4:15  Turkey and Turkey Hunting Books      Staff
4:15-5:00  Turkey Calls and Turkey Call Makers     Staff

October 1, 2018
Time     Activity/Classroom Topics   Presenter(s)
8:00-8:30  Meet the Wild Turkey       Bryant
8:30-8:45  Sights and Sounds in the Spring Woods     Bryant
8:45-9:30  History and Current Status of the Wild Turkeys in MS   Butler
9:30-10:15 Wild Turkey Physiology, Biology, and Ecology    Godwin
10:15-10:30    BREAK
10:30-11:00 Wild Turkey Habitat Management (specific conservation issues)  MDWFP
11:00-11:45 Wild Turkey Population Surveys, Records, and Regulations   Butler
11:45-12:45    LUNCH (on your own)
12:45-1:30 Longleaf Pine Ecosystem       Bauman
1:30-1:50  Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt. Initiative (review State Plan)   NWTF
1:50-2:20  Forest Insects and Diseases       Staff
2:20-2:40  Soils in Mississippi       Bryant
2:40-3:00  Mississippi Hardwood Forests      Bryant
3:00-3:25     BREAK
3:15-3:25  History of Mississippi Forests and Forestry     Bryant
3:25-3:45  Mississippi Public Lands       Staff
3:45-4:00  Songbirds and Bird Feeders      Staff

October 8, 2018
Time     Activity/Classroom Topics   Presenter(s)
8:00-8:10  Review Field Trip Plans       Bryant
8:10-8:20  Bienville National Forest (note WMA’s) and
Marathon Recreation Area       USFS
8:20-8:40  Conservation of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker (RCW’s)   USFS
8:40-9:10  Travel to Tallahala Wildlife Management Area (TWMA)
9:10-9:15  Welcome to the TWMA       Bryant
9:15-9:35  Observe RCW Colony       USFS
9:35-10:00 Wild Turkey Habitat Conditions on the TWMA (openings and timber stands) Bryant
10:00-10:15 Travel to Marathon Recreational Area
10:15-10:30    BREAK
10:30-10:40 Brief History of Wild Turkey Research on the TWMA    MDWFP
10:40-10:50 Electronic Monitoring of Wild Turkeys     MDWFP
10:50-11:00 Conservation of Wood Ducks      USFS
11:00-11:45 Tree Identification: Mississippi Trees     Staff
11:45-11:50 The Future of the Wild Turkey      NWTF
11:50-12:00 Final Thoughts and Comments      ALL
12:00-1:00    LUNCH (hot dogs)